Gnarly Bay

Gnarly Bay are Dan and Dana, two filmmakers that have been working together since high school, conceptualizing, shooting, editing and delivering award winning films over the years. Their endless passion and energy to create means they also find time for personal film projects.


116 Clips

Exploring the Amazon Rainforest

91 Clips

New Zealand

189 Clips

Chile & Patagonia

165 Clips


20 Clips

A Day In Denver

11 Clips

Thailand in Spring

53 Clips

Rhode Island Fishermen

27 Clips

Bali & Australia

21 Clips

23 Days In Europe

33 Clips

US Road Trip

44 Clips


96 Clips


41 Clips

Sri Lanka

335 Clips

The Buckeye State

21 Clips

Band Practice

34 Clips


98 Clips

Surfboard Craft

48 Clips

Industrial Blast From the Past

9 Clips

Malted Barley

62 Clips

Yosemite National Park Road Trip

197 Clips

South Africa

410 Clips

Beaching in Rhode Island

62 Clips

Hiking Through New Zealand

22 Clips


19 Clips


34 Clips

Merely Observations

31 Clips