Justin DeMers

Justin is an Emmy Award winning filmmaker, capturing his family's adventures across the globe.

Painted Hills and Wild Flowers

75 Clips

Walking The Dogs

56 Clips

Steens Mountain, Oregon

140 Clips


34 Clips

Summer Peaches

72 Clips

Macro Nature

6 Clips

Ephemeral Ice Caves

63 Clips


72 Clips

Salmon Swimming

16 Clips


201 Clips

New Life

52 Clips

Baby Celebrations

24 Clips

Mother & Child

97 Clips

In Hart Mountain

73 Clips

Facing the Rock

164 Clips

Fall Baby

27 Clips

Vaux's Swifts and a Chimney

22 Clips

Clarity at Clear Lake

91 Clips

Learning to Crawl

16 Clips

Heat Waves

40 Clips


97 Clips

First Weeks Alive

90 Clips